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Welcome to our group website!

Recently relocated to Virginia Tech, our group focuses efforts in gaining fundamental insight into the structure-process-property relationships of novel ceramics created through entropic engineering.


The group currently maintains a solid-state synthesis lab containing both a high temperature tube furnace and bottom-loading furnace each capable of reaching 1973 K in air, a high speed mixer/mill, a rolling ball mill, a uni-axial hydraulic press, and a particle size measurement system. General activities of interest include ceramic synthesis via powder processing, phase and structural characterization by X-ray diffraction, microstructure analysis via scanning electron microscopy, and local, atomic level structural characterization though synchrotron spectroscopy methods.

This site is still under construction, so please pardon the mess.

Spring 2021: (Left to right) Gabriela Niculescu, Daniel Rossi, Christina M. Rost, Tyler Valentine, Kristen Johnson

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