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Welcome to our group website!

Recently relocated to Virginia Tech, our group focuses efforts in gaining fundamental insight into the structure-process-property relationships of complex functional ceramics. 


Our general areas of interest include ceramic synthesis via powder processing, thin film synthesis, phase and structural characterization by X-ray diffraction, microstructure analysis via scanning electron microscopy, and local, atomic level structural characterization though synchrotron-based spectroscopy methods. The group is in the process of building the lab with capabilities including powder synthesis, thin film growth, and X-ray spectroscopy. 

Site updates in progress, so please pardon the mess.


Spring 2024 - Left to Right: Aaron Jenkins, William Deary, Gerald Bejger, Angelica Phan, Christina Rost, John Barber, Bethany Crittenden, Sarah Muhlenberg, Brittani Ambrosi.

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