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Currently, our 504 sq. ft. laboratory is well-equipped with a range of instruments suitable for advanced materials research. The setup includes a Sentro Tech tube furnace capable of reaching temperatures up to 1700 °C and featuring a 12-inch hot zone, ideal for controlled heat treatments of larger samples. Complementing this is a Sentro Tech bottom-loading box furnace, which also reaches up to 1700 °C, allowing for quenching experiments. For powder processing, there is an MSE Pro roller jar mill that can handle up to 20 L, alongside a SPEX SamplePrep 8000M Mixer/Mill for high-energy ball milling. A Coherent COMPeX 102 excimer laser, emitting at 248 nm using KrF, and a custom-built vacuum chamber is available for pulsed laser deposition of thin films. A BUCHI Rotavapor R-100 rotary evaporator, essential for solvent evaporation in chemical synthesis, is paired with spin coater for chemical solution deposition of thin films. The laboratory also boasts an EasyXAFS 300+ spectrometer system for X-ray absorption fine structure and X-ray emission analysis, and precise weighing is achievable with both a Mettler Toledo and a OHAUS microbalance, ensuring meticulous accuracy in sample preparation.

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