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Detection of sub-micrometer thermomechanical and thermochemical failure mechanisms in titanium with a laser-based thermoreflectance technique, Journal of Applied Physics, 2022.

Kathleen Quiambao-Tomko, Richard R White, John A Tomko, Christina M Rost, Lavina Backman, Elizabeth J Opila, Patrick E Hopkins

Alessandro R Mazza, Xingyao Gao, Daniel J Rossi, Brianna L Musico, Tyler W Valentine, Zachary Kennedy, Jie Zhang, Jason Lapano, Veerle Keppens, Robert G Moore, Matthew Brahlek, Christina M Rost, Thomas Z Ward

High-entropy ceramics: propelling applications through disorder, MRS Bulletin, 2022. (In-Press)

Cormac Toher, Corey Oses, Marco Esters, David Hicks, George N Kotsonis, Christina M Rost, Donald W Brenner, Jon-Paul Maria, Stefano Curtarolo

Property and cation valence engineering in entropy-stabilized oxide thin films. Physical Review Materials, 2020.

George N Kotsonis, Peter B Meisenheimer, Leixin Miao, Joseph Roth, Baomin Wang, Padraic Shafer, Roman Engel-Herbert, Nasim Alem, John T Heron, Christina M Rost, Jon-Paul Maria

Christina M Rost, Trent Borman, Mohammad Delower Hossain, Mina Lim, Kathleen F Quiambao-Tomko, John A Tomko, Donald W Brenner, Jon-Paul Maria, Patrick E Hopkins

Ethan A Scott, Khalid Hattar, Jeffrey L Braun, Christina M Rost, John T Gaskins, Tingyu Bai, Yekan Wang, Claire Ganski,
Mark Goorsky, Patrick E Hopkins

Thermal Conductivity and Phonon Scattering Processes of ALD Grown PbTe–PbSe Thermoelectric Thin Films. Advanced Functional Materials, 2019.

Mallory E DeCoster, Xin Chen, Kai Zhang, Christina M Rost, Eric R Hoglund, James M Howe, Thomas E Beechem, Helmut Baumgart, Patrick E Hopkins

Charge confinement and thermal transport processes in modulation-doped epitaxial crystals lacking lattice interfaces. Physical Review Materials, 2019.

Elizabeth Radue, Evan L Runnerstrom, Kyle P Kelley, Christina M Rost, Brian F Donovan, Everett D Grimley, James M LeBeau, Jon-Paul Maria, Patrick E Hopkins

Phase stability and mechanical properties of novel high entropy transition metal carbides. Acta Materialia, 2019.

Tyler J Harrington, Joshua Gild, Pranab Sarker, Cormac Toher, Christina M Rost, Olivia F Dippo, Cameron McElfresh, Kevin Kaufmann, Eduardo Marin, Lucas Borowski, Patrick E Hopkins, Jian Luo, Stefano Curtarolo, Donald W Brenner, Kenneth S Vecchio

Influence of mass and charge disorder on the phonon thermal conductivity of entropy stabilized oxides determined by molecular dynamics simulations. Journal of Applied Physics, 2019.

M Lim, Zs Rak, JL Braun, CM Rost, GN Kotsonis, PE Hopkins, J-P Maria, DW Brenner

Charge‐Induced Disorder Controls the Thermal Conductivity of Entropy‐Stabilized Oxides. Advanced Materials, 2018.

Jeffrey L Braun, Christina M Rost, Mina Lim, Ashutosh Giri, David H Olson, George N Kotsonis, Gheorghe Stan, Donald W Brenner, Jon‐Paul Maria, Patrick E Hopkins

Thermal resistance and heat capacity in hafnium zirconium oxide (Hf1–xZrxO2) dielectrics and ferroelectric thin films. Applied Physics Letters, 2018.

Ethan A Scott, Sean W Smith, M David Henry, Christina M Rost, Ashutosh Giri, John T Gaskins, Shelby S Fields, Samantha T Jaszewski, Jon F Ihlefeld, Patrick E Hopkins

End of aging as a probe of finite-size effects near the spin-glass transition temperature. Physical Review B, 2018.

Gregory G Kenning, Daniel M Tennant, Christina M Rost, Fagner Garrote da Silva, Brian J Walters, Qiang Zhai, David C Harrison, E Dan Dalhberg, Raymond L Orbach

Phonon scattering effects from point and extended defects on thermal conductivity studied via ion irradiation of crystals with self-impurities. Physical Review Materials, 2018.

Ethan A Scott, Khalid Hattar, Christina M Rost, John T Gaskins, Mehrdad Fazli, Claire Ganski, Chao Li, Tingyu Bai, Yekan Wang, Keivan Esfarjani, Mark Goorsky, Patrick E Hopkins

Epitaxial entropy-stabilized oxides: growth of chemically diverse phases via kinetic bombardment. MRS Communications, 2018.

George N Kotsonis, Christina M Rost, David T Harris, Jon-Paul Maria

Size Effects on the Cross-Plane Thermal Conductivity of Transparent Conducting Indium Tin Oxide and Fluorine Tin Oxide Thin Films. IEEE Transactions and Components, 2018.

David H Olson, Christina M Rost, John T Gaskins, Chester J Szwejkowski, Jeffrey L Braun, Patrick E Hopkins

Nitride surface chemistry influence on band offsets at epitaxial oxide/GaN interfaces. Applied Physics Letters, 2018.

Elizabeth A Paisley, Michael T Brumbach, Christopher T Shelton, Andrew A Allerman, Stanley Atcitty, Christina M Rost, James A Ohlhausen, Barney L Doyle, Zlatko Sitar, Jon-Paul Maria, Jon F Ihlefeld

Hafnium nitride films for thermoreflectance transducers at high temperatures: Potential based on heating from laser absorption. Applied Physics Letters, 2017.

Christina M Rost, Jeffrey Braun, Kevin Ferri, Lavina Backman, Ashutosh Giri, Elizabeth J Opila, Jon-Paul Maria, Patrick E Hopkins

On the minimum limit to thermal conductivity of multi-atom component crystalline solid solutions based on impurity mass scattering. Scripta Materialia, 2017.

Ashutosh Giri, Jeffrey L Braun, Christina M Rost, Patrick E Hopkins

Local structure of the MgxNixCoxCuxZnxO(x=0.2) entropy‐stabilized oxide: An EXAFS study. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2017.

Christina M Rost, Zsolt Rak, Donald W Brenner, Jon‐Paul Maria

 Radial growth of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in aligned sheets through cyclic carbon deposition and graphitization. Carbon, 2017.

Shaghayegh Faraji, Ozkan Yildiz, Christina Rost, Kelly Stano, Nasim Farahbakhsh, Yuntian Zhu, Philip D Bradford

Size dictated thermal conductivity of GaN. Journal of Applied Physics, 2016.

Thomas E Beechem, Anthony E McDonald, Elliot J Fuller, A Alec Talin, Christina M Rost, Jon-Paul Maria, John T Gaskins, Patrick E Hopkins, Andrew A Allerman

Zs. Rak, C. M. Rost, M. Lim, P. Sarker, C. Toher, S. Curtarolo, J.-P. Maria, D. W. Brenner

Entropy-stabilized oxides. Nature Communications, 2015.

Christina M Rost, Edward Sachet, Trent Borman, Ali Moballegh, Elizabeth C Dickey, Dong Hou, Jacob L Jones, Stefano Curtarolo, Jon-Paul Maria

Shaghayegh Faraji, Kelly Stano, Christina Rost, Jon-Paul Maria, Yuntian Zhu, Philip D Bradford

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